Lavender Seniors is a program of the Oakland LGBTQ Community Center

The Emblem LGBT Certification Project

Lavender Seniors maintains a list of preferred service providers who are certified as LGBTQ+ welcoming under our Emblem project. We do this because we receive many requests from our members and the community for senior service providers that are LGBTQ+ specific or LGBTQ+ allies. Certified organizations receive a “Safe, Visible and Celebrated” rainbow placard to display in their place of business. Displaying the Emblem helps create a visibly welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community.


If you would like to become part of Lavender Seniors preferred provider network, please contact us. You can complete the certification document and provide proof of satisfying the criteria below. Send by emailing [email protected] or mailing to 4100 Redwood Rd, Suite 20A #240, Oakland, CA 94619. After review and approval, we will send you the Emblem placard.

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