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Our free monthly newsletter Lavender Notes is written for and by LGBTQ+ seniors. Lavender Notes keeps LGBTQ+ seniors connected to their community with informative articles of interest to older adults and LGBTQ+ seniors. It features special interviews, book reviews, volunteer opportunities, and timely information on upcoming events and programs.

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Event Calendar

Check out our calendar of ongoing and one-time events.

Friendly Visitors

At Lavender Seniors, we strive to build a community whose members and volunteers support one another. Our goal is to alleviate the feelings of loneliness and isolation that many of us experience as we get older. The Friendly Visitors program does this by matching trained volunteers with LGBTQ+ seniors who may be frail, homebound, isolated, or otherwise concerned about aging at home with limited social support.

Friendly Visitor Volunteers

Volunteers serve as hospitality agents providing visits, telephone support and shopping assistance. We encourage our volunteers to create social networks for our seniors. By helping to build networks of support, we better enable LGBTQ+ seniors to “Age in Place” and improve their quality of life. Friendly Visitors also provide social support to those in residential care facilities.

Due to COVID-19 safety measures, we have been meeting virtually via Zoom since April 2020. See the current newsletter for the zoom links and program information.

Monthly Lunches

Lavender Seniors’ monthly lunches offer good food in a safe and welcoming environment paired with insightful and entertaining programs such as performances, lectures, or discussions. Everyone is welcome and there are no prior registration requirements.

Rainbow Lunch:

Second Saturday of each month, Noon-2PM
All Saints Episcopal Church
911 Dowling St., San Leandro

Rainbow Lunch
Oakland Lunch Bunch:

Second Saturday of each month, Noon-2PM
All Saints Episcopal Church
Third Friday of each month, 12:30PM-2:30PM
North Oakland Senior Center
5714 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland, CA 94609


Our award-winning cultural competency training program increases awareness about the specific needs of LGBTQ+ seniors among aging and health service providers.


We reach out to LGBTQ+ seniors by hosting educational seminars, participating in various community events, and developing relationships with health and human service providers.


Lavender Seniors educates the community, government officials, legislators, and health care providers about LGBTQ+ aging issues.


Through our Lavender Scrolls and Emblem Projects we increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ older adults in our communities. The Scrolls are a touring visual display depicting the lives of 8 LGBTQ+ seniors.

Leadership Development & Civic Engagement

Lavender Seniors provides training to LGBTQ+ seniors interested in improving their community through civic engagement. After training, we will facilitate opportunities for LGBTQ+ seniors interested in serving on government advisory boards and commissions, coalitions, speaking at community events and providing direct service to others.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

At the Gay Prom Event
Lavender Seniors advances its mission through direct services, outreach, advocacy and education.